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Here is the Strava recent rides widget (my rides) 🙂

You can see my complete profile at my Personalised Strava Page.

From the Strava weekly stats widget my ride stats for the current week are:

Some past data indicates the following annual totals:

  • During 2010 total miles ridden was 1,220 (I don’t think I recorded properly for part of the year)
  • During 2011 total miles ridden was 4,700
  • During 2012 total miles ridden was 5,500
  • During 2013 total miles ridden was 3,500
  • During 2014 total miles ridden was 3,400

Just for the record I like using Strava for a number of reasons, they do not include racing or riding dangerously in order to achieve a better ranking.

One of the very nice features of Strava (I think it is the only tool with this option) is that when I display a ride in this blog it hides where I live. The other features I like include:

  • like many others it can load rides directly from my Garmin 800
  • it has some quite nice analysis of rides
  • it has widgets that work with wordpress (here and on my ride pages)
  • it has one of the better route planning tools and the routes which can be put on my Garmin 800 (although more manually than Garmin Connect).

Some of the more powerful analytical features of Strava are not of any use to me as I don’t have a power meter. I also rarely bother riding with a heart rate monitor which I think Strava would use in it’s analysis.

There are two features that I would love to see in Strava (or any other tool).

  1. My Garmin allows you to set what bike you are riding but no software seems to read it and set the bike you are riding automatically.
  2. I want a way to mark and export all the rides that I do for work so that I can produce an expenses report more easily.

Just for fun the new Syston Syclers Club page on Strava:


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