Go faster wheels from TheHappyCog

This week has been a great test of my go faster wheels from TheHappyCog. In fact of course these are not just Go Faster wheels they are also:

  • Go more serviceable wheels (thanks to the Hope Pro4 rear hub which is beautifully easy to service)
  • Go lighter wheels (0.5kg saving)
  • Go better lit wheels (thanks to the Schmidt Son28 dynamo powering a B&M Luxos IQ2 front Light)
  • Go fewer punctures (at least in theory due to tubeless Schwalbe Pro-One tyres)
  • Go noisier wheels (the Hope Pro4 freewheel lives upto their reputation for loud freewheeling)

So on Monday I rode 64 miles to Cliff College in Derbyshire (just north of Chatsworth House) for a meeting which finished at 4pm on Tuesday when I rode home again. I carried just under 12kg of luggage in 2 Ortlieb Classic panniers.

Going there it was:

  • 64.0 miles
  • 4:50:12 Moving Time
  • 4,232ft of climbing

Coming back:

  • 64.1 miles
  • 4:28:58 Moving Time
  • 3,589ft of climbing

On the way there I had to walk one section just before Birchover (about 20% and wet+gravel). Coming home I went around Stanton in-Peak to avoid a 25% climb.

I kept being surprised at how fast I was going (8 personal records going and 38 coming home). That despite quite a large part of the route being new to me (on the other hand quite a lot I have only ridden once before making the PR’s easy to get).

One that stands out is a 1.1 mile segment between Barrow-on-Soar and Sileby. According to Strava I have now ridden this 8 times. This time I knocked 10 seconds off my best time despite it coming 60 miles into a ride carrying 12kg of panniers.

I’m not anywhere near my fittest (been focusing on losing weight and not done many miles this year). I am a bit lighter than my last best time (but much less than 12kg of luggage lighter). The key differences are

  • the wheels with their “deep”ish aero section rims and rotating weight saving
  • the tyres (28mm Schwalbe Pro-One instead of 32mm Durano Plus)
  • lower stem so that I am a bit more aero

I can’t quantify the saving due to each of these, however, 2 out of the 3 are related to the new wheels 🙂

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  1. I’ve been on Schwalbe Tubeless since April 2013, 0 punctures that required me to stop in more than 13k miles of commuting, racing and general messing about.

    The rolling resistance is lower than tubed tyres so some benefit there too.

    Many people will comment that they look dangerous due to the lack of tread and they do cut up a bit more than other tyres but I get about 2000-3000 miles out of each one.

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