Another work cycle tour: Syston to Cliff College

This is my route for tomorrow (and in reverse on Tuesday) as I have 24 hours of training to be a Methodist Superintendent Minister (and yes I have heard all the jokes already):

102.68 km route with 1,565 m of climbing. Check it out!

Source: Syston to Cliff College – VeloViewer

That is 64 miles and 5,100 feet of climbing in old money 😉

I’ll be on my renewed Whyte Suffolk, hopefully having packed very light (for me). The weather forecast is good which is extra icing on the cake. I went to Cliff for a conference in September but due to various circumstances I got a lift halfway there although I did ride all the way home. I have since tuned the route a little, with hopefully some quieter roads by skirting Derby differently. Going on my Whyte rather than my Bike for Life does mean travelling lighter but it should also save a fair bit of time.

There are some big/steep climbs on this route but also some gorgeous views and very quiet roads.

These rides will also be significant as, if all goes well, they will mean me achieving an Eddington number of 60 (riding 60 miles on 60 different days) which I just failed to complete by the end of 2015.

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