Whyte Suffolk upgrades

I’ve had a number of issues with my Whye Suffolk over recent months.

  • The brakes TRP HR/RD (hydraulic disk brakes at the wheel end that are cable operated) have been getting worse again (already had one replaced and other maintenance done). By worse I mean trouble actually stopping downhill, severely restricting my freedom to go fast.
  • The back wheel has been giving me problems. The freewheel seized and then later failed. I have replaced that but the whole thing was a pig to reassemble and leaves me with reliability fears.
  • I’ve already had a spoke fail on the front wheel.

I really like this bike. I find it both comfortable and fast. It is practical enough to be used for long rides where you need to carry some stuff as well as fast enough for club rides. With the mudguards and 28mm tyres it is also suitable all year round. The Shimano 105 gears are a joy to use. So only the brakes and wheels let it down. [Although I do know that a number of people have had these 2013 frames fail where the internal cables exit, I’ve had no problems and I know the design was changed for newer models]

So I have some really exciting wheels being built by Fraser at TheHappyCog.co.uk more on those in about a week when they arrive.

In preparation for that I’ve been fitting in around too much other stuff some “simple”, “cheap” upgrades. In a sense these are a last resort before looking at proper hydraulic brakes.

  • I’ve fitted really high quality brake cables. I suspect part of the problem is the long lengths of cable housing (used to improve weather protection and as part of the internal cable routing). Sourcing them is tricky because you need such long cable housing. In the end I have fitted a full set of cables: “Jagwire Road Pro XI Brake/Gear Kit” which I got from Tredz.
  • I’ve also fitted rather fancy Swissstop Sintered Disc Pads in the hope that they are as good as their rim brake pads (also from Tredz)
  • All that meant fitting new handlebar tape (Cinelli Gel Cork Bar Tape One Size Black from Wiggle)

Looking good 🙂 Ready for a test ride real soon now.

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  1. How are you getting on?
    Ive had an issue with rear brake as well..

    New cable, pads, and changer now looking at replacing the brake…….what have you done to sort yours?


    • Hi,

      In the end I did a major set of upgrades and switched to Sram Rival gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Never could get the hybrid brakes to work well for very long. Has completely transformed the bike (along with deep section carbon wheels).
      My only bug bear now is the very non aero way the cables/hoses transition from the handlebars into the downtube. They splay out very wide (and I don’t think Whyte have improved on this much on their new bikes either).
      I know some people have had frame problems, particularly around the hold for the cable exit near the bottom bracket, I haven’t and really like this bike now.

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