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First test of new Paramo Quito jacket

paramo-quito-jacketYesterday was officially damp. By that I mean heavy rain all day.

So a ride into Leicester for the Cycle City Workshop was a good test for my new waterproof cycling jacket. It is a Paramo Quito which I got for half price from Go Outdoors.

My trousers got absolutely waterlogged as did my socks and trainers. That not helped by the huge standing water puddles along the River Soar/Grand Union Canal on the way home.

But my top half was bone dry. Driest I have ever stayed in such heavy rain. No condensation or leaks. The hood was the most comfortable I’ve used in a long time and it formed a good seal stopping water entering around the neck.

Based on one ride, highly recommended. Especially given the bold ethical and environmental claims by Paramo.


Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
03:34:55 01:08:31 12.10 10.60 19.68 282.15
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

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