More views of progress

I like this new graph on Veloviewer


If you use Strava and don’t currently use Veloviewer then I can’t recommend it highly enough. A huge feast of wonderful ways to look at your rides (and runs). All for only £10 a year.

As another way of monitoring progress I’m playing again with the Leicestershire Sustainable Travel Challenge. The Stravel phone app is pretty poor (generally it measures distances very, very generously). Despite only starting to record all my work miles on 15th November I’m currently ranked 7th for the month, however, only 52 people have put anything in this month (which given the hassle is not really a surprise).

Anyway something that currently interests me is that I have been closing the gap on my 2012 ride distance. In year to date comparisons I’m about 300 miles behind at the moment. It would be nice to beat that (although I put in a lot of miles between Christmas and New Year in 2012 to complete a Strava challenge to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve).

Another new target from Veloviewer is to increase the size of the blue square in the map square

The blue square sows that the largest square in which I have ridden in every map square inside it is a 9×9 box. By cycling in 4 more squares I can increase this to 11 by 11 (although the lack of roads in some squares makes this more challenging).

I wonder how much bigger I can get this by the end of the year.

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