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BearBones 200 live tracking

You can see this weekend’s ride on Spotwalla:

Or it should display here:

Note that the thick blue line is the official route. My actual tracking should be showing on top of it. This is the BearBones 200km bikepacking ride

If this is not working then see


Preparing to go light on the BB200

On Saturday at about 8am I start the BearBones 200. This means preparing to ride as light as possible because there is a LOT of climbing on this 200km ride. I’ll be riding my Shand Stoater “Bike for Life” in a very stripped down guise.

Initial estimates (which because of the way online applications measure height are probably an underestimate) are of 14,300 feet (4,360 m) of climbing. That is a lot more than I have ever climbed in one ride before (as well as by far the longest mostly off road ride). The elevation profile looks like this:


I do not intend or expect to do this without stopping for some sleep, which will be just a matter of crashing out in my bivy bag somewhere along the route. However, given the amount of climbing I’m trying harder than ever to keep the weight down. The most effective way to do this would be to not eat again before Saturday morning – but I’m not contemplating that 😉

What I am doing is going more minimal than ever before.

  • stripped down tools and repairs kit
    • tiny ratchet handle and heads for all the fittings on the bike
    • 8 & 10 mm spanner
    • 2 tyre levers
    • hand tyre pump with CO2 support
    • 2 CO2 cartridges
    • self adhesive tube patches
    • 1 spare inner tube
    • a few zip ties
    • some insulation tape
    • spare drive belt


  • No cooking kit at all. Just one titanium spork for eating takeaways.


  • For sleeping I’m taking just:
    • Bivy bag
    • Exped UL7 sleeping mat with pillow/pump
    • Sleeping quilt
    • thermal long johns, long sleeved top and socks. If I need more I’ll just add my cycling clothes. If I get too cold when cycling these could be added.




    • Some food that can be eaten cold. Full list later.
    • Some wet wipes
    • First aid kit including sudocrem
    • Fully charged USB battery and usb cable to recharge my Garmin sat nav
    • lights (Exposure Joystick [maybe helmet mount], Exposure Tracer, Dynamo front light, cateye rear light)
    • clothes to wear while cycling
      • 3/4 length shorts with separate padded inner
      • waterproof socks
      • Shimano MT91 Boots
      • Warm gloves
      • waterproof top
      • short sleeve top
      • thin long sleeve top
      • warm windproof and shower proof top
      • helmet
    • Mobile phone (switched off to save battery as there will rarely be a signal)
    • Garmin 1000 with the route loaded. Only extra sensor will be heart rate monitor to keep battery use down.
    • SPOT Satellite tracker (and you will be able to track me from this blog – but I’m not allowed to publish the route until I start).
    • some cash and one bank card
    • Car key


    My intention is to fit this in 3 bags strapped to the bike:

    • Seatpost: Wildcat Gear Tiger with Alpkit tapered dry bag
    • Handlebar: Wildcat Gear Lion harness with Alpkit dual 20 litre dry bag
    • Handlebar: Wildcat Gear Lioness

    I’ll be starting from Llanbrynmair at about 8am and trying to get to Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant at about 72 miles before 10pm when Spar shop closes and ideally while the chippy is open. I’ll make sure I can survive if I don’t get there in time to stock up.

    After that it will just depend how I feel and the weather. My only goal is to finish before the limit limit of 36 hours although the finish closes at 10pm on Sunday. Realistically in Wales I don’t expect to find any shops open on Sunday. Maybe I’ll find a pub at some random point in the day for some hot food.


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