Why such dangerously aggressive driving?

At lunchtime today I was heading home from the Harvest Festival Service at Rothley. Going up Hallfields Lane approaching the traffic lights at the Red Lion I was catching up a mix bunch on bikes.

Not sure who this group were (some looked like they were dressed for a Tweed ride, some clearly didn’t cycle much) but what I don’t understand is the way drivers were treating them.

Some of them were very slow going up the hill, but they were in single file. They didn’t jump the traffic lights and they had ride leaders who were keeping an eye on them. When they got split up by the traffic lights they regrouped by waiting in Hickling Close.

So this was a group of ordinary people in normal clothes out on bikes on a beautiful autumn Sunday lunchtime.

Yet drivers were being hatefully aggressive to them, swearing at them, hurling abuse and passing far too close (even when it was obvious they were going to be stopping for the car in front any moment).

What is it about driving a car that creates this aggression, hatred, violence, anger? Why do drivers get to believe that that have rights over everyone else?

Closer to home as so often is the case drivers basically abandon their cars all over the pavement, blocking corners and blocking dropped kerbs. Then other drivers try to force their way past people on bikes forced into the centre of the road by the parked cars.

All this from people causing deaths through pollution, through the crashes they cause and through wars and other injustices over oil.

Drivers should be approaching the rest of society on bended knee, begging our permission to take over our space, poison our air, squander limited resources and put our lives at risk through their lack of care.

Enough of this injustice!

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