Bike for life 9,000 mile, 3 year service

Big Service time for my Bike for Life! Although I am slightly jumping the gun by describing it as 9,000 miles and 3 years (currently 8,500 miles and only 2 years 10 months so far).

I’m jumping the gun not because anything was noticeably wrong but because I wanted to do the preparation for the BareBones 200 in two weekends time. I thought I would use the opportunity to catchup on a number of things that are on my when I get round to it to-do list.

So far the jobs include:

  • Removing the Plug II USB charger as it hasn’t been working since part way through my sabbatical. As that required the headset star nut I’m putting in a Hope Head Doctor.
  • Putting in some more Frame Saver to protect the inside of my frame from rust
  • Replacing the Rohloff Shifter with a “Wave” style one, courtesy of a friend. Should be easier to grip, particularly in the wet (replacing the cables at the same time as the ends are chewed and rethreading them is probably not an option.
  • New Ergon grips as the BioKork ones have worn out. Going to try Ergon GS1 Grips
  • New oil in my Rohloff hub (a bit early but while I’m doing all these jobs).

The rest is just cleaning and stripping off all the general transport stuff (mudguards, racks, stand etc) & changing tyres for offroading during the BB200.

Given the everyday use over nearly 3 years this is not much at all.

Fun and games 🙂

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