Travelling in London

I don’t get to London that often. But I drove there late on Thursday. Cycled over 20 miles around the city on Friday and drove out to Surrey this morning.

My conclusion is that:
– London drivers are the most dangerous in the country.
– Too many Cyclists in London are reckless
– Pedestrians in London are completely looney.

I was overtaken many times in 20mph area when doing 20mph.

I saw drivers of buses, hgv’s, vans and cars plus cyclists and pedestrians all ignore red lights. All as bad as each other (albeit the consequences if you hit someone vary hugely according to the mass of the mode of transport).

It is not just the speed limits and red lights that get ignored. So do one way streets, restricted turns and parking restrictions. Pedestrians walk on the road, cross well away from official crossings. Cyclists use footways, zig zag, have no lights. Drivers don’t indicate, force their way through gaps that don’t exist, threaten others. Police records show that 3/4 hgv’s are illegally on the road.

The aggression and rudeness of so many people, whatever their mode of transport, was incredible. This seems to be self perpetuating, when everyone else cuts you up, pushes in front etc then you tend to respond in a similar way.

Yes it was a hot day. Yes it was crowded, made worse I guess by the tube strike on Thursday. But it seems so sad and destructive that you are all so busy making life unpleasant for each other.

You do nothing to make this midland yokel want to return to London.

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