Achievement: My Eddington number is 53 :-)

I have just found two tools that will calculate your Eddington Number from your Strava activities. See this one or alternatively this. Fortunately, they agree with my score of 53.

So what does an Eddington Number of 53 mean?

It means that on 53 different days I have ridden at least 53 miles.

I have a cluster of rides that are 53 miles long which means to increase my Eddington Number to 54 I will need to ride 54 miles on at least 4 days.

As another example I have only 13 rides of over 101 miles so still need 88 more rides of at least 101 miles to reach an Eddington Number of 101 (so many years off!)

Having only just discovered this I don’t yet have any idea about whether I want to have any targets for this in the future, although as a first reaction it is nice to have a Eddington Number greater than my age 🙂

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