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Travelling in London

I don’t get to London that often. But I drove there late on Thursday. Cycled over 20 miles around the city on Friday and drove out to Surrey this morning.

My conclusion is that:
– London drivers are the most dangerous in the country.
– Too many Cyclists in London are reckless
– Pedestrians in London are completely looney.

I was overtaken many times in 20mph area when doing 20mph.

I saw drivers of buses, hgv’s, vans and cars plus cyclists and pedestrians all ignore red lights. All as bad as each other (albeit the consequences if you hit someone vary hugely according to the mass of the mode of transport).

It is not just the speed limits and red lights that get ignored. So do one way streets, restricted turns and parking restrictions. Pedestrians walk on the road, cross well away from official crossings. Cyclists use footways, zig zag, have no lights. Drivers don’t indicate, force their way through gaps that don’t exist, threaten others. Police records show that 3/4 hgv’s are illegally on the road.

The aggression and rudeness of so many people, whatever their mode of transport, was incredible. This seems to be self perpetuating, when everyone else cuts you up, pushes in front etc then you tend to respond in a similar way.

Yes it was a hot day. Yes it was crowded, made worse I guess by the tube strike on Thursday. But it seems so sad and destructive that you are all so busy making life unpleasant for each other.

You do nothing to make this midland yokel want to return to London.


Achievement: My Eddington number is 53 :-)

I have just found two tools that will calculate your Eddington Number from your Strava activities. See this one or alternatively this. Fortunately, they agree with my score of 53.

So what does an Eddington Number of 53 mean?

It means that on 53 different days I have ridden at least 53 miles.

I have a cluster of rides that are 53 miles long which means to increase my Eddington Number to 54 I will need to ride 54 miles on at least 4 days.

As another example I have only 13 rides of over 101 miles so still need 88 more rides of at least 101 miles to reach an Eddington Number of 101 (so many years off!)

Having only just discovered this I don’t yet have any idea about whether I want to have any targets for this in the future, although as a first reaction it is nice to have a Eddington Number greater than my age 🙂


Post Sabbatical Challenges

So I’m coming to the end of my 3 month Sabbatical. It has been fantastic but with one day to go time to think about the Post Sabbatical Challenges.

First, a summary of the Sabbatical

  • Three special sites visited:
  • Plenty of Cycling
  • Time with the family
    • Visiting family in Cornwall
    • A 21st Birthday with the family in Bristol
    • A weekend with family including our grandson in Cardiff
    • Time with my nephew and fiancee planning their wedding
    • A couple of weeks touring Scotland and Northumberland with Jane and youngest Son using our caravan (Skye, Loch Ness, Blair Atholl and then Lindisfarne
  • Plenty of reading (my Kindle now has 145 books on it)
  • Plenty of reflection and lots of personal change as a result, more still to come.
  • A significant health impact.
    • I am the lightest I have been for more than 5 years (probably a lot more than that).
    • I have lost over 7 kg during the sabbatical which is 10kg since the heaviest this year.
    • I have reduced my body fat % by 4%.
    • I can now run 3.8 miles without any problems and have run my fastest 5k
    • I am using the last hole on my belt

So what next?

It seems obvious that I want to continue with this progress towards a healthier me as I am really enjoying the changes that result in energy and self-perception. So

  • I have entered the BB200 which is a 200km off road ride through the Cambrian Mountains in October. The challenge is to complete it within 36 hours. That is going to be a really significant challenge for me in many ways.
  • We are starting the 5:2 Fast Diet in the coming week. As my cycling miles plummet I don’t want to pile the weight back on and both the science around this diet and the practicalities appeal. If I could lose another 5% body fat that would put me in the middle of the healthy range for my age. It would also significantly help both my running and cycling.
  • I’m doing my first running event on Tuesday which is 3 miles (Watermead Challenge)
  • I want to build up the running so that I can do a 10k run by September (that should really help with the BB200 which will include lots of sections where I need to push or even carry my bike)
  • I want to get back in the swimming pool. My target is to swim 20 lengths front crawl without stopping.
  • I’ll enter the Leicester Triathlon next year. Unlike last year I’ll do so with proven capability of doing the swimming and running.
  • Within the next 12 months I’d like to build up to being able to complete a one day 200 mile bike ride.

That should keep me going 🙂


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