Mountain Biking heaven

Rats, the first version of this got lost 🙁

Trying again.

I had a brilliant 36 mile mountain ride today, starting from and return to the campsite at Blair Atholl.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
06:29:16 05:49:00 36.20 6.22 27.29 3,631.89
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

It was great practice for the Bear Bones 200km event in October as it got me doing things outside my comfort zone including:

  • carrying my bike up a narrow steep sheep track with a steep drop on one side.
  • Two sections where I had to push my bike for a couple of miles each time.
  • Lots of rain
  • Lots of water on the ground bogs, puddles and fords.
  • Lots of climbing into low cloud
  • Lots of rocks and narrow sheep tracks
  • no coffee shops!

Here are some phots from before the rain really got going:







What pleased me most was my mental attitude which remained cheerful and positive throughout. Not once was I in a negative place wondering if I could finish or get up the next climb or whatever. That is a big step forward for me.

There was some excitement. I had 3 falls:

  • onto my right side in the middle of a ford (overestimated my skills there). Filled my right sock and boot with water and proved that a Wildcat Lioness is not waterproof if submerged.
  • onto my left side, landing in a deep patch of heather when I failed to unclip my foot in time
  • a very neat fall ovber the handlebars. IO saw it coming as the front wheel dropped over an edge into a soft hole. I was very pleased with the best forward somersault since junior school 🙂

The last few miles were downhill on a tiny road in torential rain, the whole road turned into a river and so I had both feet wet. However, my new sealskinz socks were good and my Shimano Boots brilliant for the walking and riding. Although, I do need to make them easier to unclip.

All in all a fantastic day out. Very tired but also very pleased tonight.

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