Signed up for a crazy thing

At the weekend I came over all crazy and have signed up for the Bear Bones 200. This is probably the daftest thing I have ever done! Last year I watched it online by following the satellite tracking dots and heard afterwards how incredibly tough it had been with hours at a time of “Hike a Bike” sections (where you have to push or carry your bike because the conditions are unrideable – often tussocky boggy mountainsides).

This year I was watching the satellite tracking for the Highland Trail 550 and being particularly impressed by MiniPips ie Rich and Tom (who is 10). Their collection of blog posts is here and their video is here:

Both HT550 and WildcatGear were providing a twitter commentary and lots of us were particularly inspired by the determination of Jenny Graham (now on twitter). In particular it took her some 23 hours to find a way across one river.


Afterwards she said that the first time she had tried to cross it was going to be over chest deep, in the end she managed to cross where it was “only” high thigh deep.

Given the suffering of these strong, determined, fit people the fact it inspired me to enter a 200km self supported bikepacking event with a requirement that I take less than 36 hours is something of a mystery to me.

Of course at the moment I have lots of ideas about how I am going to train for this. Training that particularly needs to include pushing a loaded bike up big hills through bogs. What the reality will be is probably very different which is something to worry about until October 10th.

Anyway it will be a good opportunity to really use my new boots (see yesterday’s blog post) 🙂

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