Record breaking 100 mile ride.

I’m pretty sure that today’s 101.8 mile ride is my fastest 100 mile ride ever:
It took 7h 2m 11s elapsed time which means a 14.5 mph average speed.
Just over 1h 30m of stops (4 main ones: Waitrose just past Northampton to buy and eat a Chicken and Avocado sarnie + drink and mini cheddars; Nisa going around Milton Keynes for Tuna sarnie and drink; pub in Wing for hot choc fudge cake with ice cream, pint of lemonade, black Americano; Park in Watford for a banana ice lolly and a Snickers).
Strava has given me 53 achievements which for the segments I have ridden before includes a lot of Personal Records.
No problems with the bike or the rider apart from being rather sleepy now.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
08:36:37 07:02:11 101.81 14.47 35.57 2,657.48
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

Garmin 1000 battery was almost zero when I finished 🙁

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