Strava route to Garmin connect course

A significant triumph this evening. I had planned the route for this week on Strava on my laptop but I forgot to connect my Garmin 1000 gps directly to the computer to copy the file over.
Oop’s because I hadn’t found a way to get a Strava route onto the Garmin without a cable connection.
Fortunately I found a way:
1: Use the Strava website (not app) on your phone or tablet. Export the route from Strava as a .gpx file
2: visit and convert the file to a “track”, save the .gpx file
3: goto the Garmin Connect website, use the “classic” version of the website. Choose “upload”, choose “manual” and upload the file from step 2.
4: view the activity (mine was dated 1/1/2010) and choose save as a course
5: now connect to your Garmin 1000 using Bluetooth and send this course to it.
6: you now need to delete the incorrect course from Garmin connect and if autosyncing from Strava too.

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  1. I know this article has been online for over a year, but just to say thank you for putting it up – I’ve been looking for how to do this for ages with no success! It also now works with the ‘new’ Garmin Connect interface if you click the + in the top right corner, Upload Your Activities, then click the Manual Upload tab. Happy cycling!

  2. Maarten Thomassen

    Only works if you got strava premium, am i right?

    Regards, Maarten

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