A good bike choice :-)

So after deliberations I did use my Bullitt Cargobike to ride 15.7 miles to Launde Abbey today.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
01:30:25 01:27:18 15.67 10.77 31.32 836.61
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

This is why:


By that I mean that you can’t tell that I have a weeks clothing, laptop computer etc etc all securely locked in the metal cargo box.

That means I can enjoy the ride without worrying that all my possessions are on show.

And no I wasn’t quick but I did manage to cycle up all the hills (and at 14.8 miles it does get to 19.2% which is quite steep enough for me on a loaded bike).

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  1. That’s pretty good – I’d always imagined these were a bit ponderous, but apparently not so bad!

    • Yeah, a Bullitt is not like a typical Dutch cargobike. Much lighter, more rigid, good gears (I have Alfine 11 speed), hydraulic disk brakes (I have Hope Tech M4’s).
      The cargobox itself is also pretty light.
      On the other hand I didn’t pack light, even including my 2.2kg Fahgetaboutit U-Lock.

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