Which bike shall I pick for work trip?

So in an hour or so I am off on my annual trip to Launde Abbey for the Northampton Methodist District retreat for ministers and other staff. It is about 15 miles using a route designed to miss the big hill and traffic upto Tilton-on-the-Hill.

Some years I have had time to make it a longer ride but not this time as life is a bit busy. In fact it has been so busy that I haven’t yet re-converted by Bike for Life (Shand Stoater) back to everyday use after turning it into a wonderful Bikepacking bike for the Ford Fiesta.

So I could pack very minimally and use the Stoater in Bikepacking mode, sadly though I really need my laptop computer so that is ruled out.

I could take as little extra as possible and use my Whyte Suffolk (which temporarily has a rear rack on) but it isn’t very far and I don’t like using that bike for too much load carrying.

So I’m going to use my Bullitt cargobike. Very quick and easy to pack (just throw the bag in and go)

P7100060One of the many great things about this option is that nobody actually knows what I’m doing. You can’t tell I’m off on a 4 day/3 night trip and if my route happened to take my past a coffee shop (sadly it doesn’t unless I’m ready early and detour) I can leave all my stuff locked in and secure.

Having multiple bikes is great because I like choice 🙂


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  1. A good bike choice :-) - 42 Bikes - pingback on January 27, 2015 at 12:09 am

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