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More Sabbatical Route Planning

Since writing my last post, Sabbatical starting to firm up, more progress has been made. I am now hopeful that I can go straight from The Welsh Ride Thing event to an 8 day Individually Guided Retreat at St Beuno’s. All good. So I have continued to play with setting up my cycle routes.

These are by no means final. So far I have done almost no tweaking of the routes from what Strava suggests. Note that Strava can’t cope with ferry crossings which is why the route is subdivided when I go onto Arran (to avoid busy roads and because it was so beautiful when I rode LEJoG) and Mull (to get to Iona). My plan is not to have many fixed points en-route for sleeping but to be more flexible than planning around campsites. None of the sections are so long that they it is worth the complications of routing via campsites. Instead I’ll stop when it seems to fit. I can wild camp when needed and by not using campsites that much I can use a hotel or B&B occasionally and still save money.

So here is the plan:

Part 1

Part 2

Total 1,497 miles plus whatever I do during 3 days of The Welsh Ride Thing


Sabbatical starting to firm up

At last some of the dates that I have been waiting for have been confirmed. So now I have a few fixed points in my Sabbatical tour.

  • 17-19 April: Bristol for Bespoked: The UK handmade bicycle show
  • 2-4 May: The Welsh Ride Thing I’ll be getting some practice for this at the Ford Fiesta Winter Event in January.
  • 13-19 June: Iona Abbey for
    • Unfurling
      We all dream of a better world. More peaceful, more harmonious, more caring and more celebratory. That peaceful world needs to begin in us. This week with Ian and Gail Adams will be an opportunity to explore how we might discover, nurture and then live out our deep God-given inner peace. This may gradually come to be experienced as an unfurling into a life of imagination, adventure and generosity. The week will offer a mix of teaching, conversation, stillness and spiritual practice.

As for the gaps.

Firstly, I hope to spend some time with Andy, Lois and our grandson Harry between Bespoked and The Welsh Ride Thing.

Secondly, I still want to fit in an 8 day Individually Guided Retreat at St Beuno’s, ideally either starting a few days after the Wesh Ride Thing or finishing around 10 days before the Iona week.

After Iona, I’ll come home via spending some time at Lindisfarne.

Obviously the plan is to cycle between everything. It does look like two separate trips at the moment with a few days at home between.

So trip 1: Syston – Bristol – Cardiff – WRT – [St Beunos?] – Syston

and trip 2: Syston – [St Beunos?] – Iona – Lindisfarne – Syston

although it might have to be three trips if I have to do Syston – St Beuno’s – Syston because of timing.




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