More sabbatical plans

I’ve been experimenting with possible Sabbatical plans a little based on the April 2015 dates for St Beunos and the Welsh Ride Thing on 2/3/4 May. I’m still waiting for the Iona Abbey dates to come out and the St Beunos dates for May.

One possibility itinerary is:

  • Stage 1: Syston to St Beuno’s 2 days 136 miles
  • 8 day Individually guided retreat at St Beuno’s
  • Stage 2: St Beunos to Bristol 3 days 175 miles
  • 1 day to visit the Bespoked: The UK Handmade Bicycle Show – arriving on my UK Handmade Bicycle 🙂
  • Stage 3: Bristol to Cardiff 2 days a minimum of 50 miles
  • Spend some time with Son, Daughter-in-law and grandson
  • Stage 4: Cardiff to start of the Welsh Ride Thing at Forest Freeride 3 days 100 miles
  • Do the Welsh Ride Thing 3 days and no idea how many miles, I guess I’d be aiming for about 150?
  • Stage 5: Forest Freeride to Iona via Arran 11 days about 430 miles (4 ferrys)
  • Iona Abbey for 7 day course
  • Stage 6: Iona to Lindisfarne 6 days 265 miles (2 ferrys)
  • Quiet camp at Lindisfarne 7 day
  • Stage 7: Lindisfarne to Syston 5 days 290 miles

To give maximum flexibility I now plan to wildcamp where I can on the various stages. Otherwise I’ll use camp site stops (after all wildcamping is not officially allowed in England).

So far this looks like about 1,500 miles of cylcing although once I tweak the routes to be on quieter roads I expect that to increase a bit (which is why I have allowed so much time for the stages).

All this will be on my Bike for Life which will need to undergo a bit of a transformation part way through in order to be used off road for the Welsh Ride Thing. I’ll need to sort out off road tyres and remove the racks & mudguards just for that.

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