New and crazier sabbatical bike ride idea

Some, who may not know me well, might have thought my existing Sabbatical plans were crazy enough (Leicester to Lindisfarne for a week, then Iona for a week, onward to St Beuno’s in North Wales for an 8 day individually guided retreat and then back to Leicester).

But now I have had an idea that will make it even more crazy.

It starts with a growing interest in Bikepacking (more later) and lightweight, wild camping (in a Bivvy Bag). Initially that was about new ways of carrying stuff and alternatives to luxury (and expensive) campsites that are widely spaced.

Then I discovered The Welsh Ride Thing (WRT)

Next year The Welsh Ride Thing is 2/3/4 May. So now I am wondering whether to do my Sabbatical route in reverse order fitting in the WRT after St Beuno’s. It would mean finding a place close to the start of the WRT to stash my full touring kit (including mudguards, front and rear racks) and switch to off-road tyres. Sounds like fun though. I love the non elitist, non competitive nature of it which after all is particularly suited to slow and overweight 50 year olds like I’ll be 🙂

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