Bikes ready for the Pilgrimage

So the Bikes ready for the Pilgrimage, pity about the riders 🙂

Here is mine loaded and ready to go

I’ve taken the rear rack off Jane’s and added a handlebar extension so that her front light clears her handlebar bag (underneath).


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  1. Both looks great. Mine will not be as clean as that! It’s still in utility use today, will give it a spray tonight. Still not packed owt! And we have Cumbria to think of as well. No rest for the heathen. #knackered before i’ve started.

    • We had to get sorted because I’m taking youngest to LARPing event now and then passing car onto Jo 🙂

  2. Is the ocelot bag narrow enough so that it doesn’t rub or hit your thighs? It seems like it would and on long rides the chaffing would be a problem.

    What’s the longest ride you did?

    • Hi Charles,

      My thighs barely brush the ocelot bag. So there is an occasional brushing sound but I haven’t found myself getting sore from it.

      The longest (fully loaded) day on the sabbatical was 74.56 miles (just south of Macclesfield to just past Garstang).

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