Key Sabbatical preparation: The Coffee

So during my Sabbatical next year I’ll be cycling and camping for about 5 weeks. I can’t do that without great coffee so I have been getting prepared. I need excellent coffee but the equipment needs to be light, small and robust.

Anyway, the last piece arrived yesterday in time for a late night test which it passed with flying colours 🙂

Obviously a great cup of coffee starts with the beans! We get ours in bulk from TankCoffee, at the moment we are using their Burundi Ngozi which is one of my favourites. I’ll be carrying beans because they are so transportable, they don’t require a fridge or special treatment. Very easy.

mini-porlexBut beans require a grinder. Enter today’s arrival, a Porlex mini grinder. It is tiny, just 13.5cm tall (the handle is 15cm long). Exceptionally easy to use. Lift off the top. Fill with beans. Put lid on, put handle on, wind handle until all the beans have been ground into the bottom section. Pull off bottom section and use 🙂

The results seemed great straight out of the box. The fineness of the grind is adjustable and it will be fun experimenting.

One of the great things of grinding this way is the freshness, just grind exactly what you need (no waste) seconds before you use it.

aero_press_03Then we need to create the actual drink of coffee. For this I am using an Aeropress. Again very easy to use (plenty of videos on youtube).

The aeropress is very fast, very easy to use, incredibly easy to clean and also very robust and easy to carry.

The result was an excellent mug of coffee, ideal when camping. All I need is to be able to heat water and I am done.


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  1. Metal or paper filter for the Aeropress? Bought a metal filter recently and really noticed the difference in taste.

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