Completed my first 3 mile / 5 km run in 35 years!

Wow, so pleased with myself today. I actually managed to get myself out of the door for a run! I had only one goal which was to run 5k as that seems quite important given that I am in the Leicester Sprint Triathlon in two weeks time.

I started at a pace that could be described as:

  • can you really call that running?
  • watch out for overtaking tortoises
  • this is embarrassingly slow

but I managed to just keep going. Clearly a big problem with previous attempts has been to run to fast caused by not wanting to be embarrassed.

Beyond achieving my goal of actually running the 5k distance the other good news was that I was not overtaken by anyone walking or by an canal boats!!!!

I figure the faster club rides with Syston Syclers have really helped my fitness. The other thing that really seems to have helped is running in neoprene knee supports, at least so far my knees are not hurting which is a first.

Also for the first timer I didn’t get any pain in my shins while running. I think the slower pace and not mixing in walking might have helped. Whatever it was a very good thing to not have!

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