Sabbatical Routes Stage 1

Stage 1 of my 2015 Sabbatical is from Syston to Lindisfarne.

I am looking at taking 5 days for this first stretch. As this will be the longest fully loaded ride that I have done I am being very cautious with the daily distances. After all to rush would defeat the point of a sabbatical!

Day 1: Syston to north of Lincoln (56.5 miles)

Camp at Kellaway Park Campsite

Day 2: North of Lincoln to Scholes (63.5 miles)

Stay with Family

Day 3: Scholes to Barnard Castle (63 miles)

Bowfield Farm Campsite

Day 4: Barnard Castle to north of Morpeth (64.5 miles)

Camp at Forget-Me-Not Country Park Campsite

Day 5: North of Morpeth to Lindisfarne (41.5 miles)

Camp at West Kyloe Farm

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