Sabbatical Planning

I am enjoying myself doing some very early planning for my Sabbatical which is in approximately 12 months time. In the Methodist Church the sabbatical is a wonderful gift to ministers, one that is not optional. We get our first after 10 years and then every 7 years after that. This will be my first sabbatical.

The sabbatical is for 3 months and should include one major Christian festival. I am planning mine to start soon after Easter 2015 and so I’ll be on Sabbatical for Pentecost 2015.

The key part of my sabbatical is a cycling pilgrimage between three Christian sites.

I plan to cycle between them all. As soon as the 2015 programmes for Iona and St Beuno’s come out I’ll be looking to book something at each of them. I know I want an 8 day Individually Guided Retreat at St Beuno’s, when I know when they are I’ll hopefully find a suitable course at Iona that finishes 10 to 14 days earlier. I plan to be less organised at Lindisfarne.

After St Beuno’s I might take a detour down to Cardiff where there will hopefully be a 11 month old grandson to visit 🙂

This will be my longest ever cycle ride and I plan to be camping most nights. Given that this is the UK with a need to plan routes to avoid major roads and to get to suitable campsites (ones with facilities can be quite widely spread) I will be planning the routes fully and loading them onto my Garmin.

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  2. Subject to what the future brings I’d probably be able to offer a place in Glasgow, but you can always camp in the garden if you really want to.

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