The mid January blues

In some ways it seems ridiculous to me to have even written that post title “The mid January blues”. Yet in terms of my bike/exercise related goals it is how I feel at the moment. The weird thing is that in other aspects of life there are no blues.


  • Had some pain in my left ankle for a few days (tendonitis?) although now much better thanks to a support bandage from Boots
  • Had a stiff shoulder since leaning forward to put on the ankle bandage while sat in the car ;-(
  • Put back on some weight while away on holiday last week
  • Missed a couple of days cycling on Wednesday and Saturday due to spending hours driving
  • Only one swim so far this year
  • Little progress towards the running

Not Blue:

  • A great short holiday with Jane last week
  • Lots of good things happening at work, busy but fulfilling, exciting and enjoyable
  • Enjoying being an ordinary member and meeting new people as the new Syston Syclers club heads towards being live

So the blue list is longer but it is all tiny stuff. The not blue list is really short but the things on it are big and great.

How come these little blue things knock me back on my heath goals so much?

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  1. Interestingly (or not as the case may be)…
    I recently noticed that on the recollection of a friend’s ‘things I like’ and ‘things i dislike’ list, the one dislike far overshadowed the many likes. I keep remembering the thing they disliked I can’t recall any of the 5 things they liked. I wonder why the negative so often overshadows the positive…

    • Hi Jules,

      For me spending the time to reflect on why I was feeling that way helped. Much easier to take action when I have thought about the problem. So I took the easy option, picked something I love, went for a bike ride and feel so much better, not only that but it put me back on track weight wise. One 25 mile ride late at night (with no food after) and I have lost all the weight I put on while on holiday. A double positive 🙂

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