New bike accessory needed. A kickstarter project for someone?

We have a good friend with one of these lifeline devices and are happy to be on the contact list for them.

However, it does highlight my need for a new bike accessory that I haven’t seen anywhere.

What I need is a set of blue flashing lights for when I am on an “emergency call out”. I could zoom down the road blue lights flashing and get to our friend so much quicker.

I haven’t seen blue flashing lights for bikes for sale anywhere, so I am looking for a volunteer to start a Kickstarter project to produce some (preferably in the UK).

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  1. Dave
    Think you have to be official emergency services to show flashing blue. That’s why doctor callout vehicles show flashing green.

  2. They do exist. They have them on the police and ambulance bikes in the City of London.

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