Going public on a goal for 2014. The Leicester Sprint Triathlon

Time to go public! Following the esteemed and scary example of my boss (@RachelParkinso2) I have decided that a goal for 2014 should be to enter and complete the Leicester Sprint Triathlon. It is a convenient event for me as it is not on a Sunday, includes indoor swimming and is nice and local.

As a Sprint event it is a 400m (16 lengths) swim, 20km (12.5 miles) cycle and a 5km (3.1 miles) run.

Just to be clear. I have never done a Triathlon before (nearest thing was to ride the cycle section of a relay triathlon last year). I used to swim a lot, although never very fast and not very much front crawl. I haven’t successfully run 5k since I was about 15.

So I don’t have a target time, just to finish will make me very happy. As far as the 3 elements of the race are concerned I am not worried about the cycling which I can use as a bit of a rest (or if feeling strong an opportunity to catch-up with some people).

As for the swimming I know I can swim 16 lengths, but my goal will be to train enough to do them all as front crawl which is far beyond what I can do at the moment. The entry form asked for an estimated time, I had no idea what to put as I haven’t timed myself yet!

The running is a much more scary thing! I tried the NHS Couch to 5k programme last year but gave up because it was causing me lots of knee pain. I’ll try the same programme this year but will take it slower so I probably won’t be able to run the whole distance by May, although I should be able to still finish (not on my knees though because they are always the biggest problem).

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  1. Is the running pavement? Might not be a great plan if it is. I know I had to give up a few years ago because of knee pain. Cycling, orienteering and cross country skiing (ok, not in Leicester) are muvh kinder.

    • Ian,
      The site talks about the running being on paths. So not sure what the surface is. My training is likely to be mostly on tarmac due to the weather. But I am going to take it very gently.

  2. I take my hat off to you! I have never done a triathlon, of any length. Since I turned 50 I’ve done two marathons and enjoyed improving my time.

    When I took up running about 5 or 6 years ago I was a little overweight and almost gave up running as soon as I was getting to enjoy it. I had painful knees and ankles.

    The solution was a ‘gait analysis’ which you’ll find at a proper running shop. In brief they’ll put you onto a treadmill and film you running and then play it back in slow motion. This shows how your feet work and help you get the right shoe (but be prepared to spend £80+).

    It worked for me and made all the difference in carrying on injury free and absolutely loving it. Good luck, hope it goes well!

    (PS My challenge for 2014 is the Coast to Coast in a Day, 145 miles).

    • Doug,
      I’m impressed!
      I have got properly fitted running trainers so I’m hoping I just went at it a bit too hard.
      I hope you are using your bike for the Coast to Coast in a day! Bit more than a marathon!

  3. Well I never! Good on you ( and don’t blame me!)

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