Going public on Cycling goals for 2014

So far I been reflecting on goals for 2014 in Approaching the year end and considering future goals then I came over all mad and brave in Going public on a goal for 2014. The Leicester Sprint Triathlon. So what about cycling more generally for me? It must be time for “Going public on Cycling goals for 2014”.

This is about personal goals related to being more intentional about my health, the issue is typified by my inability to lose weight and keep it lost. I am 2kg heavier than a year ago, my body fat percentage is currently 26% (24% a year ago). Currently, just over 100kg I really want to get close to 80kg (although realistically it is a long time since I stayed under 90kg for very long).

So for cycling I am setting two goals based about two habits which seem to have been effective in the past.

  1. I will ride a bike at least 1 mile every single day. By simply getting on the bike I make sure I have done some exercise and most days once on the bike I do a lot more than 1 mile.
  2. I will complete a 100 mile ride once each month. I find these are really helpful in burning up fat. I have even booked dates in my calendar for these right through the year to try to make sure they happen. They are:

January 24th Friday
February 14th Friday
March 21st Friday
April 25th Friday
May 9th Friday
June 6th Friday
July 12th/13th Saturday/Sunday (Dunwich Dynamo) = 200km
August 8th Friday
September 13th Saturday (Historic Churches)
October 17th Friday
November 7th Friday
December 5th Friday

Hopefully that will bring my annual mileage back up to about 5,000 in the year (2011 total miles was 4,700; 2012 total miles was 5,500; 2013 total miles is 3,500).

Along with the swimming and running needed for the triathlon I am hoping this will help tackle my ongoing concern with my weight.

I am also committing myself to some stretching and core muscle work as I know I benefit from them. I am not entirely confident about my ability to stick to these having failed so many times in the past. For the plank I can currently do 60 seconds and so my goal is to simply increase that by 1 second a day. I am still working on what stretching to do.

Fortunately, I love doing the cycling so the goals are much easier to stick at than goals related to weight loss or other exercise.

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  1. Let me know how you go – I’d just like to get back to a tenth of a ton, and have managed to inch back from 120 Kg to 110 Kg and hover between that and 115 Kg

    • Will do. I am following the simple The Line Diet. I have a list of days and for each the target weight. I create it from a spreadsheet and have set the target weight to reduce by 70 grams per day.
      In the past I have used 100grams per day (it seems obvious because that is how accurate our scales read). But I find that a bit too hard after a while.
      I only print the targets a month at a time so I can reset the targets for next month if I haven’t managed to keep to it.
      My weight fluctuates a bit but this way each day I know whether I need to cut back or not. All I have to do is stay below the line and eventually I’ll get to my target weight.
      On any day I can reduce weight by eating less or by exercising more, this gives very quick feedback between actions and consequences.
      It all works, except for my lack of self discipline!

  2. January 100 mile ride route. Syston to Launde Abbey | 42 Bikes - pingback on January 7, 2014 at 10:29 pm

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