The hazards of supporting running

This morning Jane and Rachel did the Braunstone Parkrun and I cycled over to support their running as it was Jane’s first ever “official” 5k run. In doing this I discovered first hand the hazards of supporting running as a cyclist, especially on an icey Saturday morning.

I got to Braunstone Park without incident. Despite leaving home ages after them I arrived in plenty of time to cheer them on about 1/2 way round their first lap. Then as I moved on the road to a suitable spot to catch them on their second lot I came off my bike. I was turning into the car park near the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and the whole corner was just ice. Still no real harm done, it does make a nice change to come off without ripping a nice jacket though, which I was grateful for.

After seeing Jane and Rachel the second time I moved to the finish and then through the woods to catch them a bit earlier. I cam across a woman with a dog who was so out of breath that it was very worrying, turned out her other dog had run off and she couldn’t catch him. So I did a bit of off road riding and herded the dog back to her.

After seeing Jane and Rachel heading towards the finish I went back through the woods to the finish to keep out of the way of the runners. The good news is that Jane finished her run, helped a lot by my support and possibly also a little by Rachel running with her 😉

I had no more problems after that except that the crash has knocked my seat post a bit loose so every so often it swivelled around a bit. I took a roundabout route home, partly to avoid the debris covered paths in Watermead following recent flooding and also to make sure that I made it up to 20 miles. Besides being such a great running supporter I used the ride to test a couple of things

  • whether riding before breakfast helps with weight control
  • the effectiveness of a new thermos mug that fits in a water bottle holder

More on these later, meanwhile here are the ride details from Strava.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fall!

    A Hot Stuff steel vacuum flask is the perfect fit for a standard bottle cage. Perfect for a winter ride!

    • Ian,

      Googling for “hot stuff steel vacuum flask” finds so many because all thermos flask web pages mention hot stuff 🙂 Any specific make you have in mind.

      Fall not too bad at all. Wheels just slid sideways and I landed on my arm/shoulder. Slight graze is all.

  2. That's a nice new bike! | 42 Bikes - pingback on December 29, 2013 at 9:16 am

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