Sainsbury’s show consideration for Cyclists safety

After my warnings ab0ut the dangers of the posts at the new Sainsbury’s they have now done something to make it safer for cyclists.

No, don’t be daft! Of course they have not removed the posts!

Instead they have implemented a way of making sure they can blame the victim (the cyclist being the victim in case that wasn’t obvious).

ie they have added some paint.




The second is worse than just adding the paint. When you look, the junction of the segregated cycle track and the shared space has been bungled in a big way. Tight corner, odd surface and a sign hidden behind a tree.



If it wasn’t for the flash bouncing off the sign would you see it?


Hard to be anything but lost for words really isn’t it!


Note that this is part of a collection of blog posts about the infrastructure (paid for by Sainsbury’s, designed by Leicester City Council) around the new Sainsbury’s store on the Melton Road in Leicester North. I have written about the postsother problems with the junctionthe failed safety auditthe process questions the City Council want to avoida simple way to have radically improved the junction at very low costwhat a good design process might have come up withhow they have forgotten to tell cyclists how to get into the store and Sainsbury’s and lost desire (lines)

The story has also been picked up by the Leicester Mercury.

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