Sainsbury’s and lost desire (lines)

It is just about possible that Sainsbury’s and Leicester City Council have realised that cyclists are unhappy with their new junction at Melton Road/Troon Way and Watermead Way built for the new so called Triple Zero “super environmentally friendly” Sainsbury’s.

Tonight, I noticed that Sainsbury’s have been putting grass seed on the verges (in December?). However, this immediately highlights that they have not yet heard of the concept of Desire Lines (or Desire Paths).

Crossing Troon Way, South side:




Crossing Melton Road. South West side:




Everyone of these corners has foot and tyre marks in the mud because they have expected people to walk around a pointless right angle corner and so people are cutting that corner off.

This should not be news to anyone. The idea of desire lines is not new. Now we will have a mud bath whenever it rains, the mud will get onto the pavement all the time and the grass will not grow.


Note that this is part of a collection of blog posts about the infrastructure (paid for by Sainsbury’s, designed by Leicester City Council) around the new Sainsbury’s store on the Melton Road in Leicester North. I have written about the posts, other problems with the junction, the failed safety audit, the process questions the City Council want to avoid, a simple way to have radically improved the junction at very low cost, what a good design process might have come up with and how they have forgotten to tell cyclists how to get into the store.

The story has also been picked up by the Leicester Mercury.

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