BJ52YHA always blocking the Melton Road Cycle Track

This car is starting to really annoy me. So when I have a moment I pause to take a picture as I try to ride along the Melton Road.


Notice from the tyre marks how often the driver parks here. Note the other cyclist forced onto the pavement because this car is completely blocking the cycle track.




I have passed this car parked here many more times than I have taken photos, frequently it is not the only car parked on the cycle track.

Note that all the nearest houses have driveways with space for more than 1 car, I have never seen the driveways full.

Makes you wonder how this bollard got broken doesn’t it.



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  1. I know a bit more about Scotland, but I think you’ll find that this classes as obstruction of the highway (as it is preventing the passing & repassing of traffic on a part of the highway provided for the specific use of cycle traffic.

    There may be a traffic order to clarify this. It would appear to be covered by Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 (but also Section 78 of the Highways Act 1835) Unlike Section 72 which (for some daft technicality cannot, like speeding and red light running, accept a picture of the offending vehicle, and fine the keeper if the driver’s details are not provided) a photograph cannot get this driver done for driving a carriage other than on the carriageway but I think a photograph can secure a prosecution for s.137 and this is a level 3 offence with a maximum fine of £1000. Again I think this is not an offence that a parking warden can issue tickets for as a fixed penalty offence, so it will need to be Police Officer (or Polis as we have up here) who has to do the deed.

    At least the photos show a consistency of repeat offending, although if the driver or keeper keeps getting fined I suspect the frequency of offending may drop.

    • I have reported it to Leicester using their mobile phone app. Interestingly the car parking they have fobbed off onto Charnwood while they have taken responsibility for fixing the bollard. It is at the boundary between the City and County which does not help.

  2. Have you seen the blog You could soon be praising the car drivers of Leicester – such as BJ52 YHA – for showing local cyclists and pedestrians the errors of their ways!

  3. Maybe if the driver woke up one morning to find muddy tyre tracks leading over the bonnet, windscreen and roof he might get the message.

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