10 reasons why I ride a bike in Leicester

At the regular meeting of the Leicester Cycle Campaign Group this evening conversation turned to why we love cycling in Leicester. I’m sure I have done this before (I have put some links below), but another go won’t hurt.

I love getting around Leicester on a bike because:

  1. 20131202_115512It is fast. There are some shortcuts not available to cars and I can go direct to the door of my destination. Or sometimes inside, like today:
  2. It is convenient. I know how long it will take me and it does not change according to the time of day or roadworks or crashes.
  3. It is pleasant. I never get stuck in a queue and I can choose to ride through parks and along the river
  4. It connects me with people. I can chat to my neighbours, I can pause when I see friends, the schoolchildren who know me often shout Hi to me
  5. It is flexible. I can change my mind, add extra stops, fit in extra errands, adjust my schedule all very easily because journeys are predictable, there are no queues and no worries about parking
  6. It is fun. I love riding bikes, it makes me happy to move along by my own power. I love the daily miracles of  of balancing on two wheels and noticing improving skills.
  7. It allows me to eat more cake without dire consequences for my weight :-)
  8. It causes far less hurt and harm to other people and the planet than the alternatives
  9. It saves me money (lots of money in fact!). No fuel, no parking, no huge purchase cost, much lower maintenance.
  10. It helps my local community and the local economy. I spend more money locally because it is so easy (fast, convenient, cheap) to do so.

What about you?

Some older relevant posts – handpicked by me :-) :

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  1. Now all you need to have is the quote from scriptures…..

  2. Reblogged this on PedalWORKS and commented:
    10 reasons why I ride a bike in Vancouver

  3. That’s hard to argue with and it’s better than riding in London at the moment.

    • David,
      I sort of agree. I do ride in London whenever I am there for meetings or whatever and it is less pleasant. I do find it is fast to cycle in London – but sadly too much of that is a result of a danger induced adrenaline rush.

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