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The best TFL can offer

So the London Cycle Campaign are positive about the new “Cycle Superhighway 2 extension”, see Mayors Cycle Superhighway 2 Extension the first step towards going Dutch for London cyclists.

Sadly as I watched the video clip I couldn’t help but compare it to our summer holiday in the Netherlands.

If this is the best that TFL can design then what does it say about the UK that everywhere we went in the Netherlands was better?


What integrated travel can be like

So I am going to London for the day (for The Christian New Media Conference in case you were interested) and it is a good example of how transport can work.
I cycled from Syston to Leicester, leaving home after the train that I would have needed to use.
At Leicester I printed out the 9 tickets needed for the return journey (having booked using the SouthernRailway website as unlike the East Midlands website it allows you to book a space on the train for your bike.
Had time for as coffee.
The platform staff actually knew which end the cycle spaces would be on the train.
My bike was the only one (because there are only 2 spaces on these trains which is crazy) on the train.
At the London end I will have left the station before you could have got to the underground ticket barrier.
I’ll be able to park closer to the conference than any other means of transport.
When I head home I will be able to cycle straight from Leicester station to an evening out with some friends, somewhere where there is no station.
Can’t understand why we don’t work hard to encourage this way of travelling   


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