Leicester City Council Safety Audit failure

On my way into Leicester I noticed a large volume of high vis safety jackets at the now notorious junction at Leicester’s new Sainsbury’s where the Melton Road crosses Troon Way/Watermead Way (see my three previous posts).

It turned out that inside the high viz jackets were a team doing a safety audit, so I stopped to talk to them.

The good news is that Sainsbury’s are going to move the smaller posts that are dotted all over the paths (but I don’t know when and I have no specific assurance that this will be all the posts).

The bad news is that a man who seemed to be talking for the developer said that none of the posts supporting the road signs will be moved. There are 3 sets of posts:




(note this last one does now have a sign on it).

I was told that these cannot be moved because the posts have to be in these positions due to the large number of services running under the footway and the verge at this point.

This is a failed excuse!

It is an excuse that would never be acceptable in a road used by motor vehicles! Can you imagine saying “We are sorry that we have put this post in the middle of the dual carriageway, but there was nowhere else it could go because of services under the road”.

I could accept them saying “we clearly made a mistake and it would be very expensive to correct now. We have changed out design standards and our policies, we are sending our engineers and site managers on training courses to make sure this never happens again”.

What I do not accept is this excuse which says cyclists and pedestrians do not matter to us, we are not willing to invest any skill, any resources into creating and implementing a design that will be safe and convenient for them.

There is so much space around the signs. The posts on the Sainsbury’s could have been placed up to about 4 metres more away from the road. When the whole area has been dug up and relaid in a new place it is entirely unacceptable to claim that the position of services prevents safe positioning of these signs.


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