Posts at new junction on Melton Road by Sainsburys

The new junction includes access to the new Sainsburys and a complete reworking of where the Melton Road is crossed by Troon Way (to the East) and Watermead Way (to the West).

Approaching from the North heading towards Leicester on the west side of the Melton Road.

First is the classic Leicester City design (also seen at the new Southgates cycle path) where posts are added to the middle of a cycle track, of course they are not high vis despite their position). This is at the entrance to Sainsburys.


also the matching post once you have crossed the junction. After all there is no space to put this post except in the middle of the path (not!)


Same post from the opposite direction, completely unclear how you will get into Sainsburys by bike as the path ends just on the corner ahead.


Then we have a huge road sign. Pictured from both sides. It shows how easily the posts could have been positioned to the side of the path instead of reducing the width and making it far too easy to catch them with your handlebars.



The next sign needs to have been a bit wider so that the posts could have been positioned clear of the path.


Yet more posts, presumably for another sign. Again there is no reason why these have to block the cycle / pedestrian shared space.


Look how much fun we can have with positioning a lamp post, a no stopping sign and a bus stop


Where else would you put this vital sign other than the very middle of a shared use pedestrian and cycle pavement? After all it would be impossible to fit the sign to either the lamp post or the bus stop.


By the entrance to Sainsburys why put these brand new boxes of electronics in the cycle path?


At the corner of Melton Road/Troon Way the boxes are positioned more sensibly. Why couldn’t they be consistent?


On the North West side of Melton Road they decided that for a change to install the post 1/3 of the way across the path.


On the South West side a return to normal with the sign right in the middle of the path


This junction has been closed for weeks, everything has been replaced and yet all these posts have been placed in such stupid places.

To my knowledge the Cycle City Workshop was never shown detailed plans of this junction. I want to know who decided on this junction layout. I want to know who decided to position these posts in these way. Is it the City engineers? Have the construction team followed the design correctly or did they choose these positions?

No doubt cyclists will have to live with this rubbish for the next 50 years. I reported a new sign post in the middle of the new cycle track on Southgates in September and was told on 17th September that the engineer was aware of the problem and the post would be reallocated. Nothing has happened yet and that was a single post in what was an unfinished cycle track.

At the moment I have lost all my confidence in the ability of the City Council to implement safe cycle infrastructure. In another post on this same junction I will also show how the City Council are also failing to implement convenient cycle infrastructure.


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  1. I suspect that this rubbish is simply the result of council engineers rubber stamping designs knowing that those affected never make their complaints known to the elected councillors. It’s a waste of time complaining to those from the department that creates this mess. We need a list of councillors’ contact details and a lobbying plan.

  2. simply unbelievable… then again why am I not surprised?
    But seriously frighteningly disappointing – where’s the vision?

    • What needs to be done now is to make a request for similar facilities in the main carriageways – lampposts in the way of cars. Send requests to elected councillors, not the jobsworths who delivered the cyclist “facilities”. Ask the councillors to explain why motorists can’t enjoy the same “facilities”.

  3. Look at Newarke St as well for stupid execution of roadworks. All the lamp posts have been moved from the old path to the middle of the new cycle path cutting the size of the usable area in the way pointed out in the pictures above!. This is despite them providing adequate lighting when it was used for a three lane road! The mayor also wants it to be a cycle path to link with New Walk despite the fact that the latter officially can’t be used by bikes!

  4. Shocking! What a waste of taxpayers’ money 🙁

  5. These are all relatively tame tricks from the Leicester City Engineers’ playbook of “How to Kill, Maim and Terrify Cyclists”. These people spend hours creating schemes and plans cunningly designed to inflict frustration, suffering and injury to those who ride bikes. This junction might be a dog’s breakfast, but by their usual standards it’s pretty amateurish.

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