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Wondering about potential while gliding past stationary traffic

This morning I had a 9:30am appointment at the Leicester Royal Infirmary (another wisdom tooth to be removed).

So at about 8:45am I gently cycled into Leicester along the Melton Road passing about a mile of stationary traffic queuing due to the roadworks at the Troon Way junction.

I tried counting the cars with only one person in them but gave up after 19 of the first 20 were single occupancy.

After passing all these cars and going straight through the traffic free City Centre I got to the LRI where I was of course able to park for free right at the entrance.

Obviously huge numbers of people travel shortish distances along the Melton/Belgrave Road everyday and it is only about 5 miles from Syston to the City Centre, it is almost flat and it is a wide road (especially if you measure the full width of the space).

As always I can’t help wondering how much we could save and benefit from installing wide segregated cycle tracks along the full length from East Goscote to the Clock Tower with priority at all the junctions.

There would be huge savings for individuals (fuel, parking, time, gym, illness) as well as transformational savings for the community through cutting congestion and pollution while generating significant health and increased productivity benefits.

So many studies show how the businesses for example along the Golden Mile would benefit if it were a more pleasant place to sit, walk and cycle.

Along the route you also pass several schools, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the children could get to and from school without being at risk from busys roads. For that matter how much better would society be if the air they breathe all day in school were not full of particulates coming from diesel engines going past their windows.

I struggle to understand why people sitting for half an hour in a queue are not clamoring for cycle tracks to reduce the traffic and make the places they go nicer.

I completely fail to understand why residents on these busy and wide roads are not up in arms demanding cycle tracks to reduce the noise, pollution, congestion and danger outside their homes.

Have our brains been destroyed by cars?


Methodist Pilgrimage Confirmation Update

A quick update on the Methodist Pilgrimage 2014.

It is a Sponsored Cycle Ride from Leicester to Epworth Old Rectory and back. We start on Saturday 24th May and end on Monday 26th May.

The pieces are falling into place so we now have a set of confirmations:

  • Methodist Insurance have confirmed insurance cover is possible
  • The Old Epworth Rectory have confirmed they will welcome us and we will have guided tours on the Sunday
  • Epworth Wesley Memorial Church have confirmed they will welcome us. We will have some worship here on the Sunday
  • A shorter ride is possible on Saturday and Monday for those who prefer it (using the train between Leicester and Newark then cycle)
  • Syston Methodist Church are organising a Coach party to join us in Epworth, leaving after Sunday morning worship
  • Either camping or B&B accommodation are available near Church Laneham for Saturday and Sunday Nights.

So the cycling distances are

Standard Route (158 miles in total)

  • Saturday 24th: Syston Methodist Church to Church Laneham: 58 miles
  • Sunday 25th: Church Laneham to Epworth and back: 42 miles (2 x 21 miles)
  • Monday 26th: Church Laneham to Syston Methodist Church: 58 miles

Long Route (174 miles in total)

  • As the standard route but start and finish at Leicester Railway Station adding 8 miles to/from Syston on Saturday and Monday
  • Anyone arriving/departing Leicester Railway station can, if preferred, use the train to Syston on Saturday and get a lift to Leicester Railway Station from Syston on Monday so still ride the standard route.

Short Route (100 miles in total)

  • Saturday 24th: Train Leicester or Syston to Newark. Then cycle to Church Laneham: 25 miles
  • Sunday 25th: Church Laneham to Epworth and back: 42 miles (2 x 21 miles)
  • Monday 26th: Church Laneham to Newark: 25 miles then train to Leicester (potential cycle or lift back to Syston 8 miles)

Obviously many other combinations are possible. The only restriction is that there is no train service that stops at Syston on the Monday.

We will have a support crew in a car who will be able to pick up a number of cyclists and their bikes on any of the rides.

For more details see my earlier posts Methodist Pilgrimage 2014 update 1 and A very Methodist Challenge for 2014



Just to prove a point

My study has been cleared, full of space.

To keep me in there the boss agreed to my having my own TV/DVD.

I only chose this size to prove that Bullitt Cargobikes can carry anything. Honest.


The silly thing is that I still got home faster than I would in a car. And with these high volume tyres the ride is very smooth as well.

By the way the cargobox has the food in it 🙂



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