To Greenbelt again

On Friday we are off to Greenbelt again. A big one this year as it is the 40th Anniversary of Greenbelt.

Like last year I am cycling there, this time with Ann and Rachel.

For the first time I have planned the route using Strava which has just added route planning. Actually I had already planned it in Garmin Connect first but have now done it in Strava as well, even in beta the route planning is nicer to use,

The route is here.

This year we are not following the Fosse Way because the traffic was so dangerous last year. Instead we go via Coventry, there are a couple of short urban dual carriageway sections but hopefully overall it will be better.

So just over 85 miles on my Shand Stoater Plus, my Bike for Life, with a rather busy short week between our summer holiday and Greenbelt it is helpful that my Bike for Life is always ready to go anywhere.

On the other hand it should be a challenge, it is a while since I rode 85 miles and I am riding with two very competitive people who are both on stripped down road bikes. I on the other hand have a fully equipped bike with 14 speed Rohloff hub gears, hydraulic disk brakes, full mudguards with mud flaps, 3 sets of racks, a big Dutch bell and of course a Brooks B17 Special saddle. I think my bike ways a fair bit more than their two bikes added together. Lucky for me then that it rolls so well 🙂

Note that we are all cheating slightly as all our spouses are driving to Greenbelt with all the home comfort needs in our cars so this is no environmental bonus, simply a lovely day of riding 🙂


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  1. A point you overlook is that you have LEJOG under your belt whilst your female companions are rather less experienced! But looking forward to it – (ish)

  2. Full bike for Life ride preparation in progress | 42 Bikes - pingback on August 22, 2013 at 11:20 pm

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