Last day riding in the Netherlands this holiday

So sad, today was our last full day in the Netherlands, in the morning we pack up to head back to cycling carnage in the UK.

It also rained all morning but by mid afternoon it had cleared up and we went for a beautiful ride.

You can see a map of the route here on Strava.

As with every ride in the Netherlands this holiday there was not a single dangerous or scary moment.

I got caught a bit as piggy in the middle between a son wanting to rush onto the next place where we might buy him food and a wife who wanted to enjoy the scenery 🙂

The ride to Camperduin included some lovely off road bits with some amazing sand mountains to see at Schoorl. Then we stopped for a drink at the cafe on top of the dunes at Camperduin, so windy the froth was being blown off the drinks as the staff brought them to the tables (despite the glass screens).

The next bit is wonderful, a scenic ride through the sand dunes. A real delight even with the hills and a very strong headwind. We passed one family with 3 children between the parents bikes (Mum with the younger two and Dad with the older one) working their way up the first long climb. There were lots of bikes all the way along with people of all ages riding them.

We then had an early evening meal at Bergen aan Zee with a sea view which was lovely before a ride back to the campsite on which you pass some really great home designs.

I did 23.3 miles which was probably a mile or two further than the others as I commuted between them 🙂

A great ride to finish the holiday.

Note looking forward to UK roads at all!


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