New Bullitt Cargobox

I now have a new cargobox on my Bullitt cargobike. Photos on Flickr.


It is from Convoy cargobikes and is made of Aluminium with a waterproof lid and good lock.


Mine is the first from them with a side opening lid. The key advantage is that in 5 seconds, with no tools, I can undo the gas strut. Then the box lid can open all the way and hang alongside the box. This means that if I happen to buy too much shopping for the lid to close it is no problem, it can just stick out of the open top.



Obviously I need something to stop the fully open lid banging around. I am wondering if old inner tubes might be the best for this.

I also plan to line the inside with either foam or rubber so that things I am carrying don’t bang around – just using a rug at the moment.

I am very pleased with this!


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  1. A magnet fixed to the side and a piece of steel inside fixed inside the lid to hold it in position when open?

  2. New Cargobox working well | 42 Bikes - pingback on July 15, 2013 at 12:00 am
  3. Robert (Robbie) Bowen

    Looks good

  4. “I need something to stop the fully open lid banging around. I am wondering if old inner tubes…”
    Perhaps a couple of discs cut from an inner-tube and stuck-on with rubber-solution. Combined with the magnet idea, sounds good. Alternatively, you could use a length of the door-seal material.
    You could use bungees or shock-cord to hold the lid against the side.
    Love the box, and the bike.

  5. Looks Good!
    How can I buy this cargobox?
    I want it!!

  6. how much is it?

  7. Thank you very much!
    I want it so much!

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