Methodist Pilgrimage 2014 update 1

Been doing a little more thinking about the pilgrimage next year.

Firstly, I have been tuning the route between Newark-on-Trent and the campsite. It now avoids the A52 entirely and has only a tiny section on the A1133. So the route is almost entirely byways or very quiet roads. The Sunday route does include some stretches of A road but there are no alternatives and traffic levels reasonable.

Secondly, if camping is an issue for you then I have found a B&B on the new route just 3 miles south of the campsite.

Thirdly, while the new route is slightly longer (about 58 miles on the Saturday and Monday between Syston and Church Laneham, 42 miles on the Sunday to/from Epworth)I have realised that there is a an extra option. You can catch a train from Leicester or Syston to Newark-on-Trent as the station is on the route, it cuts the distance by half (and misses all the hills!). Those who choose this option would start a little later so we could meet up for the last 25 miles on the Saturday. On the Monday we would start together and those who wish can catch the train (missing the beautiful Leicestershire countryside).

Key unknown: At the moment the key unknown is whether it will be possible to visit the Epworth Old Rectory on a Sunday (especially on a Bank Holiday weekend).

Sponsorship: If we can do this then I would suggest sponsorship is optional but if you choose to be sponsored then 50% goes to Epworth Old Rectory and 50% to the charity of your choice.

Costs: We would keep other costs to a minimum so they would just cover support vehicle, accommodation, breakfasts and some en route snacks leaving people free to buy their own lunches (at one of the many tea/coffee shops in Epworth on the Sunday, at one of the few shops we pass on the Saturday and Monday). There are a couple of pubs close to the campsite for evening meals.

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