A very Methodist Challenge for 2014

I am thoroughly enjoying a three day cycling tour that could also be described as a Methodist Pilgrimage.

It turns out that it is about 80 miles from Leicester to Epworth. These 80 miles include very few hills but lots of beautiful rural countryside and villages. They start at Leicester, the home of the first package holiday and end at the childhood home of John and Charles Wesley, two of the founders of Methodism.

So I have had an idea. An idea for a very Methodist Challenge for 2014.

Let’s do a mass Methodist Pilgrimage from Leicester to Epworth and back. Taking John Wesley’s usual mode of transport (a horse) and updating it we get a bicycle.

So I’m wondering about using a May Bank Holiday next year for a group cycle pilgrimage.
– Saturday: Leicester to Church Laneham – about 60 miles, only one significant hill
– Sunday: Church Laneham to Epworth and back. About 45 miles leaving time for guided tours, lunch and Worship (maybe at Wesley Memorial Church or around Samuel Wesley’s tomb where John Wesley often preached). Only one hill to notice up to Epworth
– Monday: return from Church Laneham to Leicester, again only one significant hill.

We could sort out someone to carry the luggage (and provide an emergency recovery service) so that we can camp at Church Laneham for both nights while riding unladen. There are two pubs for eating close to the campsite which has nice showers and other facilities.

So who is up for this?

I reckon that if you have ridden 20 miles and been able to move the next day and can ride a 10 mile course in less than an hour you will be ready for this.

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  1. In principle yes but would have to do some more cycling before then!

    warm Regards


    • Excellent. I would expect to arrange a luggage collection from Leicester station as well as a guide to lead you a safe route out from the centre of Leicester. I would hope to offer pickups of people and luggage from Leicester Station, Bishop St Methodist, Birstall Methodist and Syston Methodist.

  2. I’d be up for it

  3. I’m tempted by this but 165 miles in three days seems a lot if you have only done a 20 mile course before. Couldn’t we do it one way and get the train back!!

    • I am sure lots of options are possible. Maybe I should suggest 20 miles a day for 3 days as a recommended starting point.
      At a quick glance it looks like there would be train options from Doncaster or Gainsborough. Or there would be a ride with the luggage 🙂

  4. Could be interesting… 🙂 open to people who don’t speak Methodist?

  5. Colin Watkins

    As Epworth is involved do you think I could convince the circuit it isn’t a Sunday off? I am certainly very interested.

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