Quarter days mini tour

So next week I get to go on a mini tour.

Thanks to a strange feature of the Methodist Church (yes I know there are many) as a minister I am given Quarter Days. I am supposed to take 1 day per month as extra time away from the manse (why they are called Quarter days when they are allocated monthly is another mystery).

Anyways, next week I am taking Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to add to my day off on Friday. I need to work around a long standing engagement on the Friday evening (quiz master) so am actually touring for 3 days.

The plan has a simple goal, I am going to visit the Epworth Old Rectory so I can combine a kind of Methodist Spiritual Pilgrimage with some beautiful cycling. Looking at the route I figure this might be one of the flattest rides in the UK.

I am going to make this especially easy by using the same campsite for 2 nights. So on Wednesday I ride to Church Laneham (just under 55 miles), Thursday I make a round trip from there to Epworth Old Rectory (42 miles) and then back home on the Friday in time for the quiz which includes the locally famous Rothley Fish and Chips.

This will be my first camping tour on my Bike for Life. I am pretty busy until Wednesday so it is fortunate that my Stoater is always ready to go as packing is likely to be very last minute.

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