Three fit in a lot more easily :-)

So we been packing for a short trip away with our Dandy folding camper.

One of the nice things about having 2 out of 3 sons away at university is that it is a lot easier to pack for only 3 of you.

Having 3 people means we can leave 4 car seats at home. Our Citroen Berlingo Multispace can seat 7 but the seats don’t fold away under the floor. If you don’t need them then you gain van loads of space by leaving them at home.

So with only 1 seat in the back there is now space for 3 bikes. Yes that is one each, not all for me šŸ™‚ Jane’s new road bike makes this easier as well as the handlebars are much narrower than her utility bike, plus it is lower.

I much prefer carrying the bikes inside as they stay dry (handy with the current weather forecast) and of course are much more secure.

Another advantage to not caring about how cool and trendy your car is. We go for practicality every time.

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