Nearly half the bike she used to have

Just did a quick check.

Jane’s utility bike weighs approx 19kg (that is very fully equipped for reliable daily transport)

Jane’s new bike weighs just under 10kg (pretty well equipped including a rack and mudguards)

For reference my Trek is 11.4kg, my Bullitt Cargobike is 24.9kg and my Shand Stoater, Bike for Life is 17.5kg

Seems to me that while weight is important is by no means the only factor in choosing a bike!

Although having said that I am looking for some lighter summer tyres for my Bike for Life. I have been using the fully puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon Plus (Smartguard City Tyre Black 700 x 38mm) since before Christmas. They are wonderful in allowing you to ride anywhere without fear of a puncture, but maybe I don’t so much protection in the summer?

After my experience with 28mm Schwalbe Duranos on my Trek for LEJoG I am going to try a pair of 32mm Duranos on the Bike for Life for the summer (sadly they don’t make them any larger. I would have preferred closer to 38mm for extra comfort). This should save over 1kg of rotating mass which should significantly improve speed. We will have to see how good they are for puncture resistance.

When Jane needs new tyres on her new bike I’ll probably be looking at Duranos for her too.

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