More conclusive proof on speed.

Tonight, Jane and I left Birstall Methodist Church at the same time to come home in Syston.

We had gone separately as she was their for the whole of STYG (our Methodist Circuit Youth Group) which started at 7pm, I cycled over after my evening service at Syston and got there for about 8pm.

As I pulled out of the Church car park Jane was just reversing out of her parking space. On the road to Wanlip she overtook me, but then had to navigate the odd junction to get onto the A46 while I used the (very poorly implemented) cycle track running contraflow alongside the A46.

Despite being held up by some drivers (1 didn’t know how wide their car was, another didn’t know they had priority at a roundabout) I was home with my bike parked before they drew up into the drive.

If you want to be slow over short journeys (this is just over 3 miles) then use a car.

Oh and yes I was in normal work clothes (trousers, clerical shirt, hoodie) and didn’t need to change when I got home.


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  1. Yes! My acid test is going to watch the Cobblers at Sixfields, a journey of five miles each way.

    Car: Set out first – have to secure parking spot. Home second – direct but busy. Petrol costs; huge initial purchase cost; considerable running costs.

    Bus: Set out third – no parking worries. Home third or fourth – convoluted journey, connections not guaranteed. Free bus pass.

    Walk. Set out second – no parking but longer journey time than bus. Home third or fourth for same reason. Free.

    Bike. Set out last. Home first. Free after initial purchase.

    Bus, walk and bike allow (modest) consumption of beer.

    • Agreed.

      Of course two other factors are strongly pro cycle or walk. First the impact on your health. Second the impact on the rest of the community.

      • The impact on health is immeasurable. So is the impact on the community as my bike of choice for going to the football is a Brompton. This causes drivers’ and passengers’ eyes to go goggle-shaped (as they don’t see too many Brommies around Northampton). As I sit near the away supporters (its noisier and more, let me say, atmospheric), my exit route takes me past their coaches. Same effect, often accompanied by amusing shouts, as they clearly have never seen a Brommie in Accrington or Hartlepool.

        Will I ride my Brommie to Wembley on May 18th?

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