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Being sent to Coventry

It was a terrible thing to be sent to Coventry when I was at school.

Today was better though.

In fact it was a very nice 31.4 mile ride to get to the Cathedral for a 48 hour conference (Faith in Conflict). Here I am just after arriving. No I didn’t take my bike inside, I only do that in Methodist Churches (oh and Syston Parish Church cos they are very kind).


They have however, provided a very secure locked space for my bike for which I am very grateful.

The ride was smooth, comfortable and gentle. I still love how easy this bike makes journeys.

Just one scare when coming into Coventry, on an urban dual carriageway (40mph limit) a Peugeot 205 undertook the cars overtaking me in the outside lane, swerving very close to me before lurching into the outside lane to get past the car in front of me. Only just missed me and the cars overtaking me. I had no warning and no time to react. Very scary.

The rest was just nice. I was just right temperature wise while cycling despite a very cold and damp day. But as soon as I stopped I got very cold. Luckily the journey was fast so I had plenty of time to change, have a coffee and warm up before finding out just how cold Coventry Cathedral is.



Quietly getting on with it

So my blogging here has been a bit quieter here for a while.

It is not because I have stopped riding or fallen out of love with my Bike for Life 🙂

I have been writing more on my more general 42 blog and I have just been getting on with everyday use of my bike for getting around Syston, Leicester and the area.

Anyway just thought I would say hello 🙂


Do Rohloff hub gears make cyclists lazy?

I have now been riding with a 14 speed Rohloff hub for 2 and a 1/2 months and so feel able to respond to the question:

Do Rohloff hub gears make cyclists lazy?

with a resounding: Yes

I confess my Rohloff makes me lazy in two ways

First, it does not need any maintenance, cleaning, adjustment. I have not touched it so far in 2.5 months and well over 1,000 miles. I like this kind of laziness.

Second, using a Rohloff takes away some of the motivation and challenges of a derailleur system. I don’t set targets in the same way. For example with the Rohloff I don’t approach a hill and aim to get to the top in the middle ring. Instead you just keep changing down a gear whenever you feel like it, no feelings of failure and guilt because there is no obvious point where any special change is needed. Again this leads me to laziness as I just go comfortably up hills without drama.

So I believe my Rohloff (especially when coupled with a Gates Carbon Belt drive) does make a lazier cyclist.

and I love it 🙂


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