Quick Launde Loop

Despite a “free” afternoon on our “Pray for Change” retreat I only found time for a quick ride. 8 miles in very windy conditions and with plenty of hills for such a short distance.

Was just thinking that this is the 4th bike I have ridden to Launde with 5 retreats attended. Being me I still have all 4 bikes 🙂

  • Giant full suspension MTB (35 miles with snowstorm on the way, several inches of snow by the time I arrived)
  • Trek Pilot Road bike (two years ago)
  • Bullitt Cargo Bike (last year)
  • Shand Cycles Stoater my “Bike for Life” (this year).

One year I came by car but brought my Pearson Touché fixie with me (and had a couple of rides to Oakham, one of which continued around Rutland water). I did have to walk up several hills with that.

The Rohloff gears make the Shand Stoater the best for climbing hills, much more reliable and smoother than the Giant mountain bike, also a wider range than either the Trek or the Bullitt. However, with a very strong headwind I was reduced to 1st gear on one particularly steep section.

As usual the Shand also scores highly because it is always ready to go. Locked up outside but no worries about the rain washing oil off the chain (it doesn’t have one). Simply unlock, remove the saddle cover, clip on the garmin and go. When you return again no worries about cleaning or oiling the chain – super convenient!

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